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In a blast from the past, the software giant releases the source code to some of the products that were most instrumental to its success.



Decades before Windows 8.1 and Office 365 hit the market, MS-DOS and Word for Windows graced the hulking, low-resolution CRT monitors of '80s-era PC users. Now, Microsoft is finally letting the public peek into the code that made those two early software offerings tick and helped set the stage for one of the IT industry's biggest success stories.

"On Tuesday, we dusted off the source code for early versions of MS-DOS and Word for Windows," said Roy Levin, distinguished engineer and managing director of Microsoft Research, in a March 25 statement. Working with the Computer History Museum, "we are making this code available to the public for the first time," he announced.

While based on a command line interface, MS-DOS, or the Microsoft Disk Operating System, which began shipping on IBM PCs in 1981, provided a foundation for the software giant's trademark Windows operating system. Early versions of Windows were essentially a graphical user interface overlaid on MS-DOS.

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